imonlybleedingma: Seen any good movies lately? Something that's comedy but still makes think. Damet garm, behtarin tumblr ine haa😉👌



Mersi khanom! Lotf darin! :) I’m like the Queen of Persian comedy haha you’ve asked the right person. They’re just so silly. I’m a HUGE Amin Hayaee fan. He’s got a few comedies like “Mehman” and “Coma”. Also Javad Razavian is the bae. I found his film “charchanguli” hilarious. He’s part of a Siamese twin… He’s super religious but his twin is a drug taking party animal. You can imagine the hilarious struggles lol. “Ekhrajiha” is a classic obviously. You must know it. There’s the new series “Shookhi Kardam” which is pretty jokes. I laugh a lot anyway. I hope you find something you like. Let me know if you need any links :)

Ah I overlooked the “makes me think”. Ok the ones I said are just straight up comedies. One I can think of right now at the top of my head is “Narenji Poosha” with Hamed Behdad. I actually laughed in a lot of parts but it’s deeper than that. Shows the conflict of a spouse where one of them wants to live abroad and the other is like why? Also the culture surrounding littering and how people view those that collect rubbish. I really really enjoyed it is all I can say.

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persianjasmineflower: I can spend the rest of my life on this blog God bless

You are welcome, aziz

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